LOGistics Innovative Coordination Suite

is a platform designed to provide a suite of services able to connect, integrate and coordinate different HW / SW components involved in the management of complex logistics processes oriented to the management and maintenance of the technological assets.


The core of the platform LogiCoS is the analysis and integration of logistics data. The control and monitoring room will collect all logistical information necessary to the success of an intervention both for the planning and the operational phase. Through mobile devices and with the use of the augmented reality and the ambient intelligence you can perform and record all the "interventions" in the different business areas, also for training purposes. The use of such devices will improve the recording and integration of logistics data and ultimately the development of the same.


Mobile devices will be an integral part of the complex flow of asset management with effects on intervention strategies. The operators will then be equipped with systems that allow the Control Room to understand, in real time, the situation and suggest the best technique of intervention. The response team will be coordinated through a "fleet management" system which will allow, with the location of resources, to reduce the time for action.


The Techno Sky case is focused on the intervention made to solve an eventual failure of one of the apparatus of the ATM system (Air Traffic Management)


Smart city - a vision of a system of systems

On 18 June 2015, at the Conference "Smart city - a vision of a system of systems", organised by the Commission of Engineering of Complex Systems established by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome in collaboration with GREAL, Massimo Povia (Techno Sky) during his speech on Innovative maintenance and logistics solutions in the Smart City contexts, will present the platform Logicos. The...

SoftCOM 2015

Logicos is the object of the White Paper Mobile Assisted Logistic and Maintenance in partially connected environments created for the SoftCOM 2015, the 23th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Nertworks held in Split - Bol (Island of Brac), from 16 to 18 September, 2015. The papers sent to the SoftCOM represent the original results obtained in all...

World ATM Congress 2016

World ATM Congress combines a large-scale exhibition, world-class conference, and premier networking opportunities with the chance to learn about the latest air traffic management (ATM) trends and developments. The conference program provides a unique platform for discussing the future of air traffic management by bringing together the world's foremost aviation leaders to share their insights,...

Wireless Vitae 2015

Il progetto Logicos è l’oggetto del Paper Scientifico dal titolo "A P2P architecture for Mobile Assisted Logistic Operations" pubblicato alla conferenza internazionale IEEE per il WirelessVitae 2015, la 5° Conferenza Internazionale su Comunicazioni Wireless, tecnologie Veicolari, Teoria dell'Informazione, Sistemi Aerospaziali ed Elettronici tenutasi a Hyderabad, India, dal 13 al 16 dicembre...

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