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Techno Sky, ENAV group, is responsible for the management and maintenance of national air traffic control equipment and systems, assuring a full and continuous availability and operational efficiency.
Techno Sky provides technical, operational and maintenance services, as well as services and products related to the development of in-house software dedicated to air traffic control, weather observations and forecasts, calibration of measuring instruments, logistical support, engineering and integration of mission critical systems.
Techno Sky has a unique heritage of technology and skills gained through decades of experience as number one in the ATM (Air Traffic Management) sector, recognized not only nationally, but also by the world's largest producers of ATC systems (Air Traffic Control) and by the major Service Provider of this sector. Vai al sito
Armosia has ten years of experience in movies promotion, product and media placement and co-marketing campaigns. Always aware of the new communication trends has extended its boundaries in the digital and content marketing and in the new media and unconventional advertising. Thanks to continuous research is able to optimise any kind of commercial investment. Armosia can count on high qualified technical labs, specialised in art direction, web design and project and exhibition management. Vai al sito
Founded in 2008, mashfrog group counts about 100 specialized professionals in the analysis and integration of back-end processes and multichannel B2B and B2C front-end solutions.
As of today, mashfrog group portfolio counts more than 50 direct Clients managed through the different operative sites in Italy (Rome and Milan) and Germany (Munchen, Berlin and Cologne). Mashfrog group occupies a leader position on digital business landscape, supporting each department in the company organization, fulfilling clients’ needs and requirements, becoming the best Chief Digital Officer partner. Mashfrog group combines the knowledge of back-end process and supporting ERP solutions with the expertise of industry market and the most innovative technological solutions.
The group is in step with the times: since many years mashfrog group implements multi-channels solutions such as web, mobile, e-commerce, smartTv, becoming the ideal and qualified partner to work with. In the last years, mashfrog group has spent 350 men-years for developing owned and not-owned multi-devices solutions. Vai al sito
T-Connect is a wireless/mobile solution provider in Italy, operating in two main sectors: technological outsourcing and R&D. Our technological outsourcing activities are based on offering consulting services in technical handset testing and software design, and in mobile telecommunication technology while our R&D activity concerns investments in national and European level research projects focused on communication technologies in different fields as green automation, location based services (both indoor and outdoor), wireless sensor networks and mobile applications among others. Our company was founded in 2002, thanks to the EU-funded Project QUASI-E. We are located at the Area Science Park in Trieste (Italy), the main scientific and technological campus in Italy. Vai al sito
NAIS - NEXTANT Applications & Innovative Solutions – was founded at the end of 2005 in Rome. Company’s mission aims to design and propose to the proper market sectors, innovative applications and services based on ICT technologies and Satellite Navigation, EO & Communication assets. NAIS core competencies on Aero-Space & Defence market’s domain plays a strategic role in the development of innovative application by enabling technologies. Passing through R&D Projects, product industrialization and commercialization, NAIS completing in this way the whole Technology Transfer Process. Vai al sito
Founded in 1986, th Consorzio Roma Ricerche is a no-profit organization formed by private and public bodies with the aim to develop a stronger interaction between universities and the research and companies so as to support the competitiveness of the industry through the transfer of innovative technologies. The CRR also promotes the aggregation of small business in cooperative research programs and collaborates with local organizations active in the processes of innovation and technological development with the aim to contribute to the creation and consolidation of the Regional Network for Research and Innovation for which the Consorrzio acts as the central node, supporting the activities of technological development for SMEs. Vai al sito
Founded in 2001 ipTronix has since been verticalized in the digital video processing market leveraging the experience maturated by its staff in previous working experiences.Through the years we’ve been passionately dedicated to improving code reuse and leveraging knowledge management tools to offer our customers the quickest path to production. Although relatively small and young, ipTronix has been working with the world leading semiconductor and consumer electronics manufacturers. A flexibile structure of freelance designers allows support of customers in almost any field of electronics and software development Fields of expertise include Industrial control systems, embedded systems, digital signal processing, networking, telecommunication, multimedia systems integration and more. Vai al sito
Link Campus University of Rome is a private university that aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to face the challenges of the working world. The core of our method of study is the use of all the different scientific knowledge with the aim of solving economic, legal, political and communication issues. Focus of the comparative study is the connection between different cultures and the interdependence between the public and private sector with aim to prepare a managerial class able to operate in different systems and countries and within the two different areas. Link Campus University implements its mission with the cooperation of other Italian and foreign universities in order to encourage mobility among students and teachers and the achievement of the double degree. Vai al sito
NITEL is a National Consortium for Transport and Logistics to which belong 19 prestigious Italian universities with over 500 researchers. In addition to be a detonator of ideas in the scientific research, Nitel acts as a divulgation and training media tool for the community, institutions and industry. Our consortium wants to combine economy, technology, law, engineering, medicine, psychology, sociology, environment, communication and education/training, or whatever transport is in our daily lives. This integrated approach joins for the first time all the various branches of science that individually address the different subsets of the world of transport. The Group of the University of Rome Tor Vergata ( collaborates to the project LOGICOS. Vai al sito
Meccanio was founded in Rome by a group of engineers with expertise in different areas - such as industrial, technical services to businesses and applied research - with a common passion for applied mechanics. In recent years Meccanio has developed and implemented numerous devices and special machines, designed steel structures, performed up to standard and CE certification of machines and equipment and invested time and resources in applied research and development of innovative products.
Dynamic and reliable company, Meccanio offers tools designed and manufactured to fit the needs of the clients as well as high quality technical and training services. Vai al sito
The Edgeworks conducts application development activities mainly in the following sectors: Web sites and web portals, online publishing, mobile telephone systems and management and control of telecommunications networks. The activity of application development occurs both according to the logic of outsourcing that, in some cases, of the in-sourcing with a project team working from the client’s company. Using the second mode it’s sometimes necessary to meet design constraints or regulatory requirements imposed by the client.Established in 2004, while retaining the agility of small businesses, Edgeworks has the capability of taking on large projects of size as well as complexity. Vai al sito

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